MECH3310 – Biofluids

BIOM5302 – Biofluid Mechanics (Graduate Course)


4907 (4th Year Project) – SESP (Sustainable Energy Systems Portfolio)

4907 (4th Year Project) – Hybrid Natural Gas Vehicle

MAAE2400 – Thermodynamics I

MAAE3300 – Fluid Mechanics II

AERO4304 – Computational Fluid Dynamics

MECH4406 – Heat Transfer

AERO4446 – Heat Transfer for Aerospace Applications

MECH5001 – Theory of Viscous Flows (Graduate Course)

MECH5003 – Incompressible Inviscid Flow (Graduate Course)

MECH5009 – Environmental Fluid Mechanics Relating to Energy Utilization (Graduate Course)

MECH5304 – Computational Fluid Dynamics – Compressible Flows (Graduate Course)