Photo of Mostafa El Sayed

Mostafa El Sayed

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 4138
    Degrees:B.Sc., M.Sc. (Military Technical College), Ph.D. (McGill University), P.Eng. (PEO)


    Dr. Mostafa El Sayed is the Director of the Advanced Aerospace Structures Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University. He received his B.Sc. (1997) and M.Sc. (2002) from the Military Technical College and his Ph.D. (2010) from McGill University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 2011 to 2015, Dr. El Sayed was an Aircraft Loads Engineering Specialist at Bombardier Aerospace. He was involved in all of Bombardier’s new development programs, as well as in the Research and Development of the company’s strategic technologies and future aircraft concepts. His contributions included the implementation of a wide range of dynamic loads analyses for aircraft structural design and optimization. He was also the knowledge owner of the aircraft Water Ditching and Sustained Engine Imbalance (SEI) analyses and a member of the in-service support team. Dr. Mostafa El Sayed is a certified Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario (PEO).

    Research Interests

    • Multiscale Mechanics of Ultra-light, Multifunctional Hybrid Materials and Structures.
    • Dynamics of Advanced Structures.
    • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI).
    • Stability of Materials and Structures.
    • Thermo-Elastic-Plastic Interaction.
    • Applied Mechanics: Airframe Structural Development and Design Optimization with Applications to Future Concepts of Passenger & Cargo Transports, Spacecrafts and UAVs.


    1. Lattice Materials Adaptive Stiffness and Damping Characteristics.
    1. Static/Dynamic Characterization of Tensegrity Lattice Materials.
    1. Multiscale Fracture Behaviour and Failure Mechanisms of 3D Printed Cellular Solids.
    1. Development of High Fidelity Aeroelastic Models for Very Flexible Airframes.
    1. Structural Development of Commercial aircraft with Blended Wing Body Configuration:

    The following are selected modules of this project:

    • Dynamic Condensation of Large Scale Finite Element Models for Linear/Non-Linear Aeroelasticity Problems.
    • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI): Application to Aircraft Water Ditching
    • Propulsion-Airframe-Integration (PAI): Application to BWB Aircraft.
    • Flight Control: Development of a customizable Aircraft Simulation Model to define aircraft configuration at any point in the sky with “application to BWB aircraft” (simulating all types of aircraft manoeuvres in normal/direct Fly-By-Wire modes, high lift devices, manoeuvre loads alleviation, in addition to failure cases of control surfaces jam)


    Research Opportunities

    Graduate students interested in any of the research activities listed above are encouraged to contact me directly as I am accepting M.Sc. and Ph.D. candidates. Students will be working in a cutting edge research that is both challenging and stimulating and will be exposed to hands on experience in the implementation of practical design techniques and strategies currently used in the aerospace industry.