Shaping University Reputation

Carleton is committed to growing its profile and reputation. Clear and consistent use of the university’s brand identity supports this goal. Our brand identity includes the university logo, coat of arms and all components of the brand campaign, as well as sub-brand logos and symbols. All are important assets of the university and are protected by copyright and trademark law.

Carleton’s visual identity honours our history and advances its visibility. Our community is diverse and unique, yet we are all part of one institution with a common purpose. When members of the Carleton community engage with the public, they influence our reputation and our brand. The resources we use to communicate, such as advertisements, publications, videos, websites, etc. contribute to the perception of not only a faculty or unit but for the entire university. We must move forward with a consistency that strengthens our message and provides an identity distinct from others.

If you have any questions regarding the Carleton University brand strategy or guidelines, contact Christina Flavell, Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy. For questions regarding specific brand assets, such as logos, you can also contact Tracy White, Marketing Manager.

To have a creative asset developed, such as an advertisement, graphic, or marketing materials, please submit a project request and the Creative Services team will be in touch. Please be aware of our project timelines, also outlined on the project request form page.

Brand Elements

These brand elements are the foundation of Carleton’s
visual communications.


Carleton’s logo has evolved during the university’s rich history. The new version of the logo provides a contemporary, streamlined look that encapsulates our brand personality –accessible, authentic, honest, inclusive, active and vibrant – while honouring our past by incorporating traditional symbols, colours and elements appearing in previous versions.

Logos are available for download on Bynder, the university’s official digital asset management platform. To find your logo, follow the links below and use the Academics tab in the top left corner to filter through the Departments, Schools and Institutes from each faculty.

Use the Academics tab in the top left corner of the page to narrow your search.


Colour is an important part of our brand. It reflects our brand personality, helps make us instantly recognizable and is a great way to add depth, personality and vibrancy to our communications materials.


For professionally designed items:

Helvetica Now is our primary brand font for use in all marketing and advertising materials.

Publico is our default serif font and would be used in long form documents or as a highlight font in creative pieces.

System fonts for desktop applications:

Arial is our primary default system font for day to day use.

Georgia is our default serif font. It would be used in long form documents should someone require one and it’s easily accessible.