Lew Stelmach Memorial Scholarship

Awarded annually, when merited, to an outstanding graduate student nearing completion of his/her Ph.D. in Psychology or Cognitive Science. The scholarship will be given to a recipient who demonstrates research aptitude and a passion for work in the area of Perception or Cognition. The recipient will be selected by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research on the recommendation of the Director of the Centre for Applied Cognitive Research. Endowed 2004 by colleagues, students and friends of Dr. Lew Stelmach.

Dr. Lew Stelmach

Dr. Stelmach was a full time Research Scientist at the Communications Research Centre, the federal government’s centre of excellence for communications R&D. He was also an adjunct professor at Carleton University from 1989. At Carleton, he was involved in the creation of the Centre for Applied Cognitive Research and served as the external member of the advisory committee for the Centre. Dr. Stelmach supervised Ph.D., M.A., and honours students at Carleton. His basic research at Carleton was supported by Discovery grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Most importantly, Dr. Stelmach was passionate about research and was committed to training future researchers.

The Stelmach Award Winners:

2015  Kathleen Van Benthem

2016  Carolina Jimenez Lira

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