The black/white Stroop app, adapted from Vendetti, Kamawar, Podjarny, and Astle (2015), can be used to measure children’s inhibitory control skills. In this task, a fixation cross appears in the center of the screen for 500 ms, follows 500 ms later by a stimulus (black square or white square) for 3 seconds. Participants will be asked to touch the square that is the same or different from the color name they hear as quickly as possible. Half of the trials are congruent trials (e.g., if participants hear “white”, they should press the “white” square), whereas the other half of the trials are incongruent trials (e.g., if participants hear “white”, they should press the “black” square). There are four blocks of trials altogether – two blocks of congruent trials and two blocks of incongruent trials. Participants receive one practice trial for each block of the trials where feedback will be given to ensure that they understand the instructions. Task parameters (e.g., instructions, stimuli, and time limit, etc.) can be configured.

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