In the Go/No Go App, children will be asked to respond as quickly as possible by touching the go trials (a mouse), while withholding responses to no-go trials (a cat) on the iPad screen. In particular, a fixation cross appears in the center of the screen for 500 ms, follows by 500 ms later by a stimulus (a cat or a mouse) presented for 1 second. Children will be instructed that their task is to catch as many mice as possible (by touching the picture of the mouse as quickly as possible) but to leave the cats alone (by not touching the picture of the cat). Children will be given practice trials to ensure that they understand the instructions. After the practice trials, children will be asked to complete 40 randomly presented experimental stimuli (30 go trials and 10 no-go trials). Task parameters (e.g., instructions, stimuli, and time limit, etc.) can be configured.

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