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Angele Genereux


Degrees:PhD Candidate (Carleton University); M.A.Sc. (Carleton University); B.Eng (Carleton University)
Phone:(613) 520-2600 x 7470
Office:4107 Canal Building
1125 Colonel By Dr.
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5B6

Introduction & Research Interests

I am currently working on my PhD in air pollution and atmospheric modelling. My Master’s thesis was entitled “Exhausted with Emissions: Exploring the Link between Anthropogenic Emissions and Urban Pollution on Public Health”. With my research, we attempt to quantify the health damage that stems from the transportation sector, by expressing this monetary damage on a per-vehicle, age-segregated basis. With this, I compare the damage that is caused by older models in the Canadian fleet with that of newer models, and show the difference in results for both diesel and gasoline vehicles.

Aside from my thesis work, I have also had the opportunity to work with atmospheric models such as CMAQ and the adjoint of CMAQ to explore how attainment may be possible and at what level in NOX-rich environments (such as New York), where abating emissions results in initial dis-benefits. I am also preparing to start a new project, for which I am currently learning about the SMOKE (Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emissions) emission processor and WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) model and their implementation.

TA Assignments:

CIVE 2700: Engineering Materials (Fall 2018)

ENVE 4106: Indoor Environmental Quality (Winter 2018)

CIVE 2700: Engineering Materials (Fall 2017)

List of Conference Presentations and Publications:

Genereux, A.J., Pappin, A., Hakami, A., (2017). Estimating the Tipping Point of Urban NOx Control in major US cities. Presented at 16th Annual CMAS Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Platform Presentation.

Genereux, A.J., Pappin, A., Hakami, A., (2017). Estimating the Tipping Point of Urban NOx Control in major US cities. Presented at 18th GEIA Conference, Hamburg, Germany. Platform Presentation.

Genereux, A., Pappin, A., Hakami, A. 2016. “Estimating age-segregated per-vehicle health benefits for the Canadian fleet.” Community Modeling and Analysis System (CMAS) 15th Annual Conference, Chapel Hill, N.C. October 24th-26th, 2016. Oral Presentation.


18th GEIA Conference Early Career Scientist Travel Grant (2017)