Photo of Miranda Doris

Miranda Doris

B. Eng. Student

I am a fifth-year Bachelor of Environmental Engineering student at Carleton University. I joined Dr. Hakami’s research group in January 2020 as part of a co-op work term and have continued to work with the team as part of an independent study for my final year.

The nitrogen cycle is one of the Earth’s most prominent and complex cycles, and it has long been impacted by excessive anthropogenic alterations. Previous nitrogen pollution studies have either focused on a single impact or the impacts of one individual sector, with a gap for a study that looks across the many industries that contribute to damages and the many consequences felt by these perturbations. Therefore, my research focuses on quantifying the damage felt by nitrogen pollution, using different impact categories, and encompassing nitrogen additions from multiple polluting sectors.

During the Winter 2020 semester, I had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for ENVE 2001: Process Analysis. I had previous teaching experience through my work with Carleton’s Elsie MacGill Learning Centre and was happy to continue to develop skills in this area.