Photo of Robyn Chatwin-Davies

Robyn Chatwin-Davies


Degrees:M.A.Sc. (Carleton University); B.Eng (Carleton University)
Phone:(613) 520-2600 x 7470
Office:4107 Canal Building (CB)
1125 Colonel By Dr.
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5B6

Introduction and Research Interests

My research is focused in air quality modelling and environmental justice (sometimes also termed “environmental inequality”). Various studies have investigated environmental justice in the context of air pollution, and results have shown environmental risks are often correlated with socioeconomic status. This leads to disproportionate health burdens on vulnerable populations, who are in turn more susceptible to these risks.

While significant research has been carried out on air pollution inequality, there is a need to distinguish the relative importance of different regions in the US and Canada, and their overall impact on environmental inequality. Source-specificity (i.e. location dependence) is an important factor for environmental inequality, and could play an important role as a policy metric.

My thesis is focused on quantifying how the reduction of criteria air pollutants can have benefits for environmental justice, and to determine how these benefits vary spatially across the US and Canada.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant on selected courses at Carleton University:

  • ENVE 4003, Air Pollution and Emissions Control, Fall 2016 and Fall 2015
  • ENVE 2001, Process Analysis for Environmental Engineering, Winter 2016

I have a variety of facilitation and teaching experience through other activities:

  • Gave pedagogical training to other Teaching Assistants about the effective use of technology in the classroom (Fall 2016)
  • Gave presentations to elementary and high school students on a variety of curriculum-enhancement science topics through Let’s Talk Science (2015 – present)
  • Gave presentations and workshops to young women to encourage them to pursue studies in engineering through Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) (2008 – present)

Selected Publications:

Chatwin-Davies, R., Pappin, A., Hakami, A. (2016). Quantifying Contributions to U.S. Ozone Environmental Inequality. Presented at the 15th Annual CMAS Conference, Chapel Hill, NC.

Pelletier, J.F., Fournier, A., Brown, M., Chatwin-Davies, R. (2016). Integrated Design in an Arctic Community Context. Presented at the Clima 2016 REHVA World Congress, Denmark.

Chatwin-Davies, R., Dewar, H. (2015). Canadian High Arctic Research Station Infrastructure Summary. Polar Knowledge Canada, Ottawa.