About Equity Shifts

Recent revelations of systemic sexism and racism within the RCMP brought public attention to employment inequities in Canadian public protective services work.

Equity Shifts addresses the urgent need to identify the policies, practices and conditions that show promise in addressing employment equity challenges in white, masculinized public protective service work.

Equity Shifts specifically focuses on professional firefighting. With a series of key informant interviews, our project includes a historical and statistical mapping of fire services-related equity initiatives in Canada.

Research Goals

This research has two related goals. First, it will support:


by identifying and assessing employment equity initiatives in professional fire services, including their goals, breadth and the conditions that shape improvements and undermine change

Building Theories of Employment Equity

by bringing together employment equity theories that have developed in disparate literatures on gender, race, sexuality and ability with the evidence on fire services

The Research Team


From the Care Work, Aging and Health Lab

Portrait of Susan Braedley

Susan Braedley

Principal Investigator

Portrait of Christine Streeter

Christine Streeter

Research Assistant

Portrait of Janna Klosterman

Janna Klosterman

Research Assistant

Other Team Members

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