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The Carework, Aging and Health Lab is led by Dr. Susan Braedley at the Carleton University School of Social Work in Ottawa, Ontario.

Our research program aims to produce knowledge that  contributes to living and working conditions of dignity, respect and health for seniors and all who care for them.




Our Definition of Care Workers


Paid Care Workers

This includes social workers, nurses, personal support workers and care aides, disability attendants, paid companions and others who provide assistance and support for daily life

Clinician holding arm of woman measuring vitals


Workers Whose Work is Necessary for Caring Environments

This includes cooks, cleaners, laundry workers, managers and receptionists

Cook preparing food over bowl


Unpaid Carers

This includes family members and friends, volunteers and community groups

Younger hands holding elderly hands


Emergency Services Workers

This includes paramedics, firefighters and police who provide 9-1-1 emergency medical and crisis responses

Detail of fire fighter standing next to fire truck