Calling undergraduate students from any discipline!

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Human-Environment-Animal Links to Health (H.E.A.L.t.H) 

Student Challenge!


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The objective of the HEALtH Challenge is to raise awareness and develop the skills to understand and seek solutions to the complex health issues that face the world today.

It adopts a One Health approach which involves working on multi-disciplinary teams to address global health issues at the intersection of human and animal health, with the natural and built environments contributing to, and transforming this relationship.

To address such issues, a range of perspectives is needed, including communication, ethics, global development, economics, understanding human and animal behaviours, issues associated with environmental conditions and climate change, technological interventions, along with human health and mental health.

Not sure what One Health is?  It can mean many things depending on your disciplinary approach. Watch what others think…surrender_dolphin