Welcome to the 2018
One HEALtH (Human Environment Animal Links to Health) Student Challenge!

Congratulations to the Winners of the
2018 One Health Student Challenge!

Jane Curtis
Kate Dervin
Kamaya Lawrence
Mia Moroz

A One Health approach to the health issues that face the planet today requires collaborations across multiple sectors and disciplines locally, nationally, and globally. One Health works at the intersection of human and animal health, with the natural and built environments contributing to, and transforming this relationship.

Many One Health initiatives are driven by socioeconomic issues that include, but are not limited to population growth; nutritional, agricultural, and trade practices; poverty; globalization; land use and resource development; urbanization and migration; social justice and conflict; and climate change.

In the 2018 One HEALtH Student Challenge you will work in Carleton University and University of Ottawa undergraduate interdisciplinary teams. Together with your team, you’ll develop a plan to tackle a One Health issue facing our world today.

For this year’s challenge, students will develop a framework for a designing a plan to mitigate physical and mental health risks and facilitate community rebuilding following a natural disaster, with a particular focus on northern First Nations communities. Students will consider the environmental, cultural and historical factors contributing to health and wellness, and the necessary communications, support systems, programs and infrastructure for remote and rural First Nations communities to recover from a natural disaster (e.g., forest fires, floods).

The Challenge will launch with a training workshop on September 28, 2018, and will run until November. 16, 2018. At the end of the challenge, you and your team will communicate your strategy to a panel of judges at a final exhibit.

Members of the winning team will have the opportunity to work as a research intern for one academic term.

All participants will develop skills associated with working in multi-disciplinary teams to develop out-of-the-box, community-engaged approaches to a One Health issue.

The One HEALtH Student Challenge hosted by the CHAIM Centre and the Discovery Centre at Carleton University and the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research.

The Final Challenge was held on Friday November 16th from 11:00am – 3:00pm. Discovery Centre. 

For more information on the Final Challenge Event:

ONE H.E.A.L.t.H. Student Challenge 2018 Final Event

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