Driving is dangerous. With jay walking pedestrians, cyclists weaving between traffic, our favourite song on the radio, pets with their head out the window, family arguing in the back seat ohh… and the near continuous notifications on our smart phones, the distractions surrounding our lives significantly lower our ability to focus an thus increase the chance of a major vehicular incidents.

Although it is obvious that objects such as our phones are enticing yet completely distract us from the road, we often find ourselves sending a quick message or scrolling to find a different song. Unfortunately, handling a device while driving is a significant cause of collisions.

With the wishes of Ms. Martin’s after school class, we have included a link titled, ” 10 Texting and Driving Statistics every Driver Should Know.”

Students in Ms. Martin’s class are currently studying how safety is part of our everyday lives. Let this be a reminder of the safety precautions we can all engage to make our roads a safer place for all.

Thank you to teacher, Ms.Martin, and her class for the great reminder!