Hymie Anisman (Neuroscience)

  • Stress; depression; brain-immune interactions; interplay between social, environmental and biological determinants of health

Scott Bennet (Political Science)

  • Public affairs; public opinion and survey research; design of public policy and institutions; scientific and technological change

Catherine Bonier (Architecture & Urbanism)

  • Architectural & urban design; health & balance in the built environment; theories of urban improvement; urban remediation & development; urban water; inclusivity & equity

Rachel Burns (Psychology)

  • Social and cognitive determinants of health behaviour; self-management behaviour; health interventions; type 2 diabetes

Catherine Cullingham (Biology)

  • Wildlife management; host-pathogen systems; risk of disease spread

Francine Darroch (Health Sciences)

  • Community-based participatory research; social and cultural determinants of health; health promotion with populations experiencing marginalization; gender and health

Stephen Fai (Engineering and Architecture)

  • Architectural representation; ethno-cultural methods of construction; biomedical visualization; building information modelling

Mark Forbes (Biology)

  • Parasite-host interactions; effects of stress and parasitism on individuals & populations; environmental stress in animals; wildlife conservation

Pamela Grassau (Social Work)
Pamela.Grassau@carleton.ca (Note: Dr. Grassau will be away from Oct. 9-24, 2019)

  • Public health approaches to illness, end of life and grief and loss; strengthening and building individual, community and institutional capacity; interprofessional education and practice; social justice; arts and humanities-based practices

Christine Hartig (City of Ottawa By-law & Regulatory Services; Community Veterinary Outreach Board)

• Municipal policy and governance; City of Ottawa by-laws and programs; provincial legislation; animal and wildlife protection; accessible spay/neuter programs

Birgit Isernhagen (Ottawa Public Health)

  • Municipal policy development; Ottawa city by-laws; program planning & evaluation; stakeholder consultation; working with government and NGOs; environmental health hazards; urban planning; environmental management

Jacqueline Kennelly (Sociology and Anthropology)

  • Urban sociology; social inclusion and exclusion; social movements; education; youth cultures; homelessness

Sue Kilborn (Community Vet Outreach)

  • Veterinary medicine; One Health initiatives; human-animal bonds; working with vulnerable populations

Irena Knezevic (Journalism & Communication)

  • Health communication; health equity; food systems; food and health regulations; community-based research

Paul Landry (City of Ottawa)

  • Parks and recreation planning; facilities development

Kim Matheson (Neuroscience)

  • Community-based participatory research methods; social determinants of mental health; historical trauma; marginalized populations; pets and well-being

Robyn McQuaid (Neuroscience)

  • Stress-related mental health disorders; intergenerational trauma; immunological processes; genetics; resilience; social determinants of health

Paul Peters (Health Sciences)

  • Population health; health geography; spatial inequalities; environmental and socio-economic determinants of health

Martha Robinson (Ottawa Public Health)

  • Environment & health protection; extreme weather; program development; health promotion in built environments; animal bite prevention promotion

Sheryl-Ann Simpson (Geography & Environmental Studies)

  • Social planning; community development; citizenship and immigration; environmental and social justice; urban health

Renate Ysseldyk (Health Sciences)

  • Social determinants of health among potentially vulnerable populations; social & religious identities; coping with stress; healthy aging

John Zelenski (Psychology)

  • Happiness; effects of emotion on cognition; social behaviour; human connections to nature