Project Consultant Profiles and Contacts

Anisman (Neuroscience)

  • Stress, depression, interplay between social, environmental and biological determinants of health, animal models of depression and anxiety disorders

Burns (Psychology)         

  • social behaviour, cognitive determinants of health behaviour, diabetes, self-management

Greenberg (Journalism & Communications)

  • Crisis/risk communication, digital media, health communication, health policy, public relations and advertising

Hakami (Environmental Engineering)    

  • Air quality modelling, environmental policy, inverse modelling, data assimilation, mathematical analysis of transport of pollutants

Jaworska (Institute of Mental Health Research)

  • brain profiles in depression; prediction of antidepressant response; youth mental health; gender differences in brain profiles

Lazore (Tsi Snaihne District of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne)

  • Indigenous governance and services, Indigenous values, self-determination, community leadership and engagement

Linklater (Interlake Reserves Tribal Council)

  • Emergency operations, First Nations reserves, northern communities.

Matheson (Neuroscience)

  • Indigenous mental health; Indigenous youth wellness; community-based participatory research methods; social determinants of mental health; historical trauma; pets and well-being

McQuaid (Institute of Mental Health Research)

  • Intergenerational trauma; stress-related mental health disorders; immunological processes; epigenetics; social determinants of health; Suicide and depression

Michaud (Centre for Indigenous Initiatives)

  • Campus resources on Indigenous issues, Indigenous engagement and participation, Indigenous ways of knowing, community engagement

Mkandawire (Geography & Environmental Studies)

  • Global and public health and human rights, social justice and health protection, global mobilization response to epidemics

Oberhammer (Emergency Management Directorate, Indigenous Services)

  • Emergency management in Indigenous communities, federal government policies, priorities and approaches

Peters (Health Sciences)

  • Population health, health geography, spatial inequalities, environmental and socio-economic determinant of health

Wong (Biology)

  • Experimental molecular evolution, antibiotic resistance, epistasis, genetics of adaptation, patho-adaptation

Ysseldyk (Health Sciences)   

  • Social determinants of health, vulnerable populations, social identities/religious identities, stress management, healthy aging