Thank you to all our 2023 speakers and panelists.

True Leaders Challenge What’s Possible

Carleton’s Challenge Conference has been designed to bring together purpose-driven business, government, academic and community leaders who are challenging the status quo, driving transformation and catalyzing meaningful change.

World in Crisis – The Mental Health Imperative

For the 2023 conference, Carleton has partnered with The Royal, one of Canada’s leaders in mental health care, teaching and research, to challenge a crisis that’s impacting Billions and costing Trillions globally.

Logo for The RoyalThe health and economic impacts of COVID-19 have put immense pressure on the state of our already fragile mental health. Rates of stress, anxiety and depression have skyrocketed, creating unprecedented challenges to our health care system, workplace, economy and community.

The numbers are staggering with the UN suggesting that millions of people worldwide suffer with mental health conditions with roughly one in four to experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

The time to take corrective action is now.

In one powerful day, you’ll engage in conversations with like-minded peers to uncover the main causes and impacts, share and discover real solutions, build a network of co-creators and supercharge your capacity to drive meaningful impact.

Conference Speakers

The Carleton Challenge Conference features inspirational and innovative thought leaders from a wide variety of sectors to give you a 360 degree view of the issues and solutions.

Clara Hughes

Six-time Olympic Medalist,
Mental Health Advocate

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Kim Corace

Vice-President, Innovation & Transformation,
The Royal

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Janice Charette

Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet of the Government of Canada

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Challenge Conference Partners

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Program Highlights

  • Keynote address by six-time Olympic medalist and mental health advocate Clara Hughes
  • Keynote address on the state and causes of the mental health crisis
  • Expert conversation on the social and economic impacts of mental health
  • Trailblazer conversation on the role of leadership
  • Future casting conversation on planning a better tomorrow
  • Hosting and moderation by former CBC news anchor Adrian Harewood