True Leaders Challenge What's Possible

True leaders don’t just accept challenges. They challenge the status quo. Each year, the Carleton Challenge Conference brings together Canadian changemakers and thought leaders from a wide range of sectors for a single day of forward-thinking discussions on a pressing global issue.

The conference offers business, government, community and academic leadership a space to share inspiring insights and brainstorm novel solutions, all while building their networks and growing their capacity to create real change.

The next Challenge Conference will focus on one of the great challenges of our time: climate change. Experts agree that climate change will continue to intensify and increasingly impact our economy, communities, well-being and the environment. We must bring leaders together to engage in an important conversation on climate solutions that will lead to a more sustainable future.

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Tackling a Global Challenge – Together

The Carleton Challenge Conference is an effective way to meet high-calibre local and global leaders who are advancing climate solutions in their organizations, fields and communities. By attending the conference, you’ll get direct access to an influential group that includes:

  • C-suite executives
  • Board members
  • Community leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Policy experts
  • Political leaders
  • Researchers

What to Expect

  • A forum for collaboration among thinkers and doers from business, government, research and community organizations
  • Access to new networks, tools and resources
  • A hub for innovative ideas, knowledge and expertise
  • An opportunity to engage with experts who are innovative, inspirational and world-class authorities on critical issues

Climate Impact

An infographic with the text 'In the past 20 years, Major floods have more than doubled, climate-related disasters have jumped by 83%, and sever storms have risen 40%'

An infographic with the text 1250% - The average cost increase of weather-related disasters since the 1970s.
An infographic with the text '#2 - Climate change is the second biggest cause of biodiversity loss in the ocean and the fourth biggest cause on land.'

An infographic with the text '$25 billion - How much climate change will slow Canada's economy by 2025'
An infographic with the text '1.8 million - The number of Canadian households at very high risk of flooding.'

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