Photo of David Gardner

David Gardner

Professor Emeritus

Degrees:B.Sc., Ph.D. (Southampton)
Phone:613 520-2809


Professor David Gardner joined Carleton University as an Assistant Professor of Biology (specializing in neurophysiology) in 1967. After thirty years of teaching and research he retired as Professor of Biology and Music, and Dean of Science. Since then he has been attached to the College of the Humanities, first as Cultural Director (which he still is), and now, in addition, as lecturer to Humanities students in music and in science (where he includes appropriate art and music to enhance whatever aspect of science is under discussion).


Dr. Gardner writes program notes for orchestras. He has published four books beginning with A Celebration: Twenty-one Seasons of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra (1986) which is a history of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra of which he was Principal Cello for 37 years (he has been Principal Cello Emeritus since 2007). He was also President of the OSO Board for a decade. The other three books are collections of his program notes written over forty years: High Notes & Low Notes (1994), More High Notes & Low Notes (2002), and Yet More High Notes & Low Notes (2012).