Francesco G. Loriggio


Degrees:B.A. (U.B.C.), M.A., Ph.D. (U.C.L.A.)


Francesco Loriggio is Italian-born but received his university education in North America, at the University of British Columbia and the University of California at Los Angeles. A past president of the Canadian Society for Italian Studies and the last director of the Research Unit on Southern European Literature and Culture (RUSELC), he is currently Professor of Italian and Comparative Literary Studies in the College of the Humanities and in the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture.

In the Carleton Italian program he has taught courses on every period of Italian literature from the 13th century to post-modernism. His teaching in comparative literary studies has been equally wide-ranging: during the last ten years he has devoted courses to such topics as literary theory, the idea and history of comparative literature, travel and displacement in European literature from Homer to post-colonialism, dramaturgical models in literature and the social sciences, the comic in modern culture, modernity and the idea of imitation, globalization and literary studies. In the College of the Humanities he has on occasion co-taught Humanities 3000 (“Culture and Imagination from 1500 to 1800″) and Humanities 3200 (“Continental European Literature”).

Research Interests

  • Literary theory, particularly the relation between literature and other disciplines;
  • Modern Italian literature and culture;
  • Italian American and Italian Canadian culture;
  • Renaissance poetics.

Selected Publications

Books Edited

The Last Effort of Dreams: Essays on the Poetry of Pier Giorgio Di Cicco. Ed. Francesco Loriggio. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2007.

Articles and Book Chapters

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