Photo of Melanie Leblanc

Melanie Leblanc

Year of Graduation: 2013

Title of MRE: Orality versus Literacy: The Importance of Preserving Holocaust Memory in the Public Sphere

What attracted you to Carleton University’s MA in Religion and Public Life program? 

The thing that most attracted me to the program was the Faculty. I was a Religion Undergraduate Student at Carleton (completing minors in Psychology and Jewish Studies). I had wonderful mentors, specifically Deidre Butler who dedicated a great deal of time working with me. I was very interested in finding a program that could be completed in one year. I was already working on campus, in the library, and knew I wanted to continue my career at Carleton. Having the ability to complete my studies in a shorter time frame was great! Lastly, I was interested in a program that was an academic study of religion.

What were some of your highlights of attending Carleton University?

I met a wonderful group of colleagues while completing my MA in Religion. We were a small group but that was great, it meant we could collaborate and get to know each other very well. Collegiality was very much a highlight! I also enjoyed my field research with Holocaust Survivors and the lectures and events hosted by the Jewish Community. Barb, the administrator at the time, was also wonderful and so encouraging!

What are you up to now and what aspects of the MA experience have gone with you? 

I am currently working in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University as the School Administrator. I developed skills such as time management, organization, presentation skills, writing skills, and prioritization during my MA at Carleton which are valuable in my current position.