Date:  Wednesday,  21st September at 03:00pm-4:30pm

Title:  Advancing your research: Impact of a Mitacs Accelerate Internship, Covidence, and Knowledge Mobilization practices

Location: Online


Meeting ID: 941 2403 2155

Speaker: Tae Smith


 Consider the Right to Read report (Ontario Human Rights Commission, 2022) released this year: Despite decades of research on the most effective ways of teaching reading, for 2018-2019, 26% of Ontario students were not meeting the provincial standards. This is far from the 10% that would be expected if early screening and science-based instruction was widely available. The wide gap between research and practice is a common problem in academia. What works in a lab may not work out in the ‘real’ world. After a grueling review and publication process, papers are stored in databases collecting metaphorical dust. They may occasionally be dredged up for citations in someone else’s literature review (but could just as easily be missed). Often, research is not presented in a way that is easily accessible to non-academics.
There are many ways that we can improve our approach to research (i.e., conception, implementation, dissemination). In this presentation, I will focus on (1) industry experience and community partnership through Mitacs Accelerate Internship, (2) performing a systematic review of literature with Covidence, and (3) Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) practices. As I am currently working as a Mitacs Accelerate intern with LSWorks and Carleton University (MathLab), examples will be taken from our current projects on reading difficulties and approaches to intervention


Taeko is in her second year of her PhD in Cognitive Science at Carleton University under the supervision of Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre. Her current research focuses on reading difficulties and approaches to intervention as well as the role of domain-general and domain-specific vocabulary in bilingual children’s math performance. She is passionate about knowledge mobilization and, having previously worked as a freelance artist, enjoys creating graphics to help simplify complex information and make it more accessible for all.