The Department of Cognitive Science currently occupies the top floor of the 22-storey Dunton Tower.

In January 2007, the V-Sim building, house of the new Centre for Applied Cognitive Research, was opened. The fifth floor of this building accommodates the Cognitive Science computer lab, the Cognitive Modeling Lab, and a wealth of interdisciplinary research facilities.

Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory facilities are available for three kinds of activities:

  • Experimental investigations into the psychological aspects of linguistic, cognitive, perceptual, memory, and attentional processes.
  • Empirical research on linguistic phenomena.
  • Computational research exploring artificial cognitive systems. For research into language, students will have available both the facilities of the Department of Linguistics at Carleton, including sound booths, facilities for videotaping, and experiment rooms, and the excellent facilities in Linguistics at the University of Ottawa, including equipment for acoustic analysis, articulatory analysis, and psycholinguistic research. Computer Facilities Students also have access to Carleton’s central academic computer facilities. In total, there are 30 computer labs in 10 different buildings across campus.  ITS Managed Services has an extensive array of software, including word processing, statistical, and web development packages. Printing, laptop loans, and wireless services are also available on-campus.
  • Research requiring significant computational power is done in the School of Computing Science’s Intelligent Systems Lab, or in Dr. West’s Cognitive Modeling Lab. This provides easy access to a number of high-speed machines for running computational simulations as well as a video editing suite for creating stimuli for experiments.
  • For experimental investigations into cognitive processes, students in the programme will have available the laboratories of the members of the Cognitive Science core faculty whose disciplinary appointment is in Psychology. This includes the Aviation and Cognitive Engineering lab, the Math Cognition Lab, the Speech Lab, the Cognitive Modelling Lab, and the Cognitive Development Lab, and the Language and Brain Lab.