Please indicate on your application  which faculty supervisors you would like to work with for your M.Cog.Sc Research Project or Thesis Research, or Ph.D. Thesis Research. Please indicate your preferred First, Second, and Third faculty supervisor choices from the List of Faculty Supervisors below.

You can consult our website ( for more detailed information about their research and the research topics of their previous students.  You are responsible for contacting potential supervisors to discuss research topics and to inform them that you will be submitting an application package.

Please note that all applicants should apply before the February 1 deadline. Late applicants will be considered but may not be eligible for funding. Also, if you apply after the Feb 1 deadline the supervisors that you would like to work with may no longer be available to supervise you.

All students will be assigned a primary supervisor when they are admitted to the program for their research project (M.Cog.Sc. only) or Thesis Research (M.Cog.Sc./Ph.D.).

Faculty are cross appointed in: Psychology1, Linguistics2, Philosophy3, Computer Science4, Engineering5    

Note: In addition to these core faculty members, there are adjunct professors who can co-supervise students. Students considering co-supervision must contact the Graduate Supervisor for further information.

List of Faculty Supervisors:

Blumenfeld, Lev2 – Linguistics; formal and theoretical phonology; prosody, metrics; descriptive and field linguistics (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Brook, Andrew3 – Consciousness, philosophy of mind and philosophy of cognitive science (M.Cog.Sc. Students Only)

Corazza, Eros3 – Philosophy of language, pragmatics/semantics, anaphora and de se (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Davies, Jim – Computational modeling and artificial intelligence applied to human visual imagination. (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Esfandiari, Babak5– Multi-agent systems, applied artificial intelligence

Gess, Randall2 – French phonetics/phonology (M.Cog.Sc. Students only)

Herdman, Chris1 – Human Factors, Cognitive Engineering; Human Attention; Basic and Applied Cognition, Aviation Psychology (M.Cog.Sc. Students Only)

Hirotani, Mako2 – Psycholinguistics (human language processing), Neuro-cognition of language (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Jouravlev, Olessia – Neuroscience of language and social cognition; Psycholinguistics; Multilingualism; Language Disorders; Individual Differences in Language Processing (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Kamawar, Deepthi1 – Children’s cognitive developmentExecutive Function, Moral Reasoning, and Future-Oriented cognition (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Kelly, Mary –  Computational cognitive models of memory, learning, and language; artificial intelligence; neural networks; deep learning; cognitive architectures

LeFevre, Jo-Anne1 – Numerical cognition of children and adults (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Logan, John1 – Speech perception in adults, perception of emotion in speech

Muldner, Kasia – Learning and cognition, educational technologies, intelligent tutoring systems, human computer interaction (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Murasugi, Kumiko2 – linguistics, Inuit languages, language documentation, language mapping (M.Cog.Sc. & Ph.D. Students)

Mylopoulos, Myrto3 – Consciousness, action control, the sense of agency, motor skill and expertise ( Ph.D. Students only)

Sénéchal, Monique1 – Language and literacy development; morphology; spelling (PhD students only – will be on Sabbatical during the 2019-2020 Academic Year but still interested in supervising Ph.D. students )

Siddiqi, Daniel2 – Morphological Theory, Morphosyntax, Morphophonology, Lexical Semantics, Linguistic Metatheory & Grammatical Architecture, Linguistic Interfaces, Language Processing.(Strongly recommends concurrent enrollment in Linguistics Graduate Diploma Program) (Will be on Sabbatical during 2020-2021 Academic year)

Singh, Raj – Semantics, Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Philosophical Logic

Toivonen, Ida2 -Linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, psycholinguistics), language and cognition

West, Robert – Cognitive modelling,

Note: Faculty are cross appointed in: Psychology1, Linguistics2, Philosophy3, Computer Science4, Engineering5