The Cognitive Science Ph.D. program at Carleton admits between five and eight students per year. Due to this high level of competition, individuals are advised to submit applications by February 1.

For both Domestic and International Applicants, if you would like to be considered for funding, please complete your application by February 1.  

Applicants who are applying to the Ph.D. Program, must also be completing (prior to joining the program) or have completed a Master Degree to be eligible to apply.

For Ph.D. applicants – please note:  In the past, many of our students had a Master’s degree from a cognitive discipline when they were admitted.  Most applicants who do not have a Master’s degree in a related discipline will be considered for the M.Cog.  Students who have Master’s degrees in related disciplines can be considered for entry to the Ph.D. if they prefer, but they may be required to take additional course work.

Applicants for the program are expected to have a A- Average to be admitted. International students please view the equivalency requirements.

More on admission requirements

Funding for International Applicants

It is important to note that Carleton receives a large number of high quality applications from international students each year.

Funding from Carleton for international students is limited and is only available to a few outstanding international applicants usually, no more than one per program within the Institute of Cognitive Science.

When applying for a Study Permit, you will be required to show that you can support yourself during your studies to the Citizenship and Immigration Centre office.

You may wish to consult your own government website as some governments offer funding to outstanding students when pursuing their studies abroad. In addition, you can visit for a listing of scholarships available to international students provided by the Government of Canada.

Estimating the cost of a year at Carleton University will vary depending on your program on study and lifestyle preferences. To view the current tuition fees and the estimated cost of living in the Ottawa area, please visit the International Students Office.