Winter  2024

Jan 17, 2024: TBA

Jan 24, 2024: Myrto Mylopoulos: Motoric Format

Feb 7, 2024: Faculty Meeting

Feb 14, 2024: Michael Furlong: Modelling neural probabilistic computation using vector symbolic architectures

Feb 21, 2024: WINTER BREAK

Feb 28, 2024: Jo-Anne Lefevre:  Publish or Perish: The What, Why, How, Where, and When of Publishing in Academia

Mar 13, 2024:  Faculty Meeting

Mar 20, 2024: Benjamin Marsh: Getting race out of the way: How other socio-cultural ingroups and racial uncertainty moderate the cross-race effect 

Mar 27, 2024: Daniel Lametti and Joanna Kuc: Conversational AI for Psychology and Mental Health 

Apr 3, 2024:   Olessia Jouravlev

Apr 17, 2024:  Faculty Meeting

Fall 2023

September 13: Jo-Anne LeFevre: Tri-Council Application Info Session

September 20: Professional Development: Jim Davies: Teaching Writing in an LLM World

September 27: Spencer Eckler and Nico Turcas : Modeling Cognition with Computational Architectures

October 4: Faculty Meeting

October 11: Professional Development: WiCSC+ Trainee presents “Resources for cognitive science trainees: networking, alt-ac jobs, and supporting neurodiverse students”

October 18: Colloquium – Jo-Anne LeFevre : Forty years of research on numerical cognition: Summing it up

October 25: FALL BREAK

November 8: Faculty Meeting

November 15:Colloquium: Jen Schellinck : Large Language Models and Neuro-Symbolic Architectures: Lessons from Industry

November 22: Colloquium: Mary Kelly :Hebbian Learning and Predictive Processing as the Foundations for a Computational Implementation of the Common Model of Cognition

November 29:Colloquium: Josh Redstone: On the Uses of Turing Tests 

December 6: Faculty Meeting