Photo of Nadine Charanek

Nadine Charanek

Summer 2022: CGSC 1001B

Degrees:Ph.D. student Cognitive Science (Carleton), MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL (Lancaster University), B.Ed. TEFL (Lebanese International University)

Nadine’s research focuses on working memory processes in chimpanzees and humans.

Part of her work at the Language and Cognition Lab investigates visuospatial processing in both bilinguals and monolinguals compared to chimpanzees as well as the neural bases of such processing using EEG and fNIRS techniques.

Research Interests:

  1. Working Memory
  2. Comparative Psychology
  3. Autism, Dementia, Aphasia Working Memory
  4. Bilingualism

Supervisor: Dr. Olessia Jouravlev