Photo of Jay Jennings

Jay Jennings

Ph.D. Student

Degrees:B.A (Hons) (Trent University), BCogSc (Hons) & MCogSc (Carleton University)

Although I am interested in human learning more generally, I am currently researching ways to improve it in the domain of computer programming.  My current work involves developing and testing instructional tutors to achieve this end.  I’m currently exploring different methodologies to tackle this problem, including eye-tracking technology, unsupervised learning of student behaviors, and qualitative “think aloud” protocols.

By investigating how students interact with a tutor to identify instances of constructive behaviors, insight, or misconceptions, I hope to improve not just the tutor I’m currently working on, but develop more general rules for tutor design that can be implemented in the future.

I am currently supervised by Dr. Kasia Muldner.