Racial Discrimination and the Well-Being of Asian Canadians in the COVID-19 Context

Our Research Focus

Asian Canadians—notably Chinese and other Asians who may “look Chinese”—are facing increased incidences of racial discrimination in the COVID-19 context. While the link between racial discrimination and one’s health and well-being has been clearly established, limited research exists specifically focused on the unique experiences of Asian Canadians.

This study addresses two gaps in the literature: the lack of research on racial discrimination experiences among Asian Canadians; and the lack of research on the association of racial discrimination and their health and well-being.

To increase knowledge of these impacts generally, but also specifically in the COVID-19 context, we plan to broadly distribute an anonymous online survey throughout Ontario, aimed towards collecting the experiences of Asian Canadians. The information collected through this study will serve towards an action research agenda, whereby knowledge mobilization would be geared towards spreading greater awareness.

Research Team

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Dennis Kao

Principal Investigator

Kenta Asakura

Kenta Asakura


Research Objectives

The overall goal of this research is to understand and build public awareness regarding the experiences of racial discrimination against Asian Canadians in the COVID-19 context, and the potential impacts on their well-being.

The objectives of the proposed study are threefold:

  1. To understand the current experiences of racial discrimination impacting Asian Canadians;
  2. To examine the association between racial discrimination and health and well-being among Asian Canadians;
  3. To raise awareness regarding the impact of racial discrimination on the health and well-being of Asian Canadians.