Project Development Questions

Research Design
Target Audience How will we share the research in a way that’s useful for who we’re trying to reach? Will the project incorporate community stakeholders throughout the research process? Are the methods we’re using appropriate for who the research seeks to engage?
Needs Assessment Does research project fill a gap? How will we identify the gap that the research fills?
Literature Review How will we get the background knowledge necessary to be well-prepared for the research project?
Identifying the Issue How will we narrow-in on one issue and set guiding principles that will help our work stay focused?
Research Question How will we get focused? Who will we consult?

Research Process and Data Collection
Research Methods How do we get data? Who will be involved in collecting the data?
Research Process How do we plan and conduct the research?
Logic Model/Theory of Change Do we know how our activities, actions and outputs will lead to the change we want to see? How will we design the project to increase collective impact?
Ethics How will we ensure accountability, transparency and safety for all research participants? Do we know how to navigate the bureaucracy and who will help us do this?
Data Organization How will we organize data collection to ensure that the findings are logical and of high quality?
Data Analysis How do we ensure the findings are meaningful?

Research Outcomes and Outputs
Outputs Do we know what we are going to produce? How will we ensure the research findings are accessible to our target audience?
Outcomes How will we know what we want to achieve?
Evaluation What does ‘success’ look like and how we’ll know if we’ve achieved it? What indicators will we use and why?