Data Power 2017 follows the successful 2015 conference, held in the UK. The conference focuses on critical questions about data’s power, reflecting on the social and cultural consequences of data becoming increasingly pervasive in our lives. From the internet of things to smart cities, from surveillance to global finance, data (and data infrastructures) shape our lives, as information is generated, collected and analysed through the apps we use, in ways that are both obvious and imperceptible: black-boxed algorithms and opaque systems are used to profile and sort us, direct our spending and travel, and monitor our actions.

With an exciting line up of keynote speakers, and a space for presenters to share and reflect on their work, Data Power 2017 aims to explore:

  • How can we reclaim some form of data-based power and autonomy, and advance data-based technological citizenship, while living in regimes of data power?
  • Is it possible to regain agency and mobilize data for the common good? To do so, which theories help to interrogate and make sense of the operations of data power?
  • What kind of design frameworks are needed to build and deploy data-based technologies with values and ethics that are equitable and fair? How can big data be mobilized to improve how we live, beyond notions of efficiency and innovation?

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Dates: June 22nd & 23rd, 2017

Venue: School of Journalism & Communication, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Carleton University – Richcraft Hall (formerly River Building)
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON,
K1S 5B6

Cost: General registration – $225.00 + HST

          Student – $90.00 + HST