A Luoi Blind Association

Founded in 2002, A Luoi Blind Association, is one of the key representatives of disadvantaged groups’ organizations in A Luoi, Vietnam. The organization has established 19 community-level organizational members, with 340 individuals participating. The objective of the organization is to support and protect the rights of people with disabilities and to cooperate with other organizations to promote the inclusion for people with disabilities in terms of education, employment and participation in the community.

Blind South Africa

Blind SA is based in Johannesburg and serves the blind community at large. We stand for equality, advocating the rights of the blind throughout South Africa. Promoting and facilitating the dignity and independence of blind and visually impaired South Africans remains the key purpose of Blind SA. We do this through our four main focus areas – employment, education, mobility, and braille services. Additionally, we actively lobby for the general rights of blind and visually impaired South Africans through our advocacy work. For more information please visit their website at https://blindsa.org.za 

Disabled Women’s Network of Canada (DAWN)

DAWN Canada’s mission is to end the poverty, isolation, discrimination and violence experienced by women with disabilities and Deaf women. DAWN is an organization that works towards the advancement and inclusion of women and girls with disabilities and Deaf women in Canada. Our overarching strategic theme is one of leadership, partnership and networking to engage all levels of government and the wider disability and women’s sectors and other stakeholders in addressing our key issues. For more information please visit their website at https://www.dawncanada.net/ 

Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre

Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Center (SMRC) is a leading voluntary organization based in Bhubaneswar, India and working in the field of disability for the last three decades. SMRC’s core area of intervention is to apply modern rehabilitation techniques creatively and comprehensively. It has adopted the essential principle of returning or integrating a person to his/her home, community and work to establish a happy, productive life. For more information please visit their website at https://www.smrcorissa.org/

South African Disability Alliance (SADA)

The South African Disability Alliance (SADA) is a voluntary consultative forum of national disability organizations. SADA’s work is aligned with the goal of advancing the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities in South Africa and the improvement of our quality of life. For more information please visit their website at https://www.sada.org.za/ 

University of KwaZulu-Natal

The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is a teaching and research-led university. It is one of the largest, oldest and most transformed universities in sub-Saharan Africa. Innovative curricula, dynamic teaching and learning, state-of-the-art laboratories and accredited professional degrees have earned UKZN the reputation as a leading higher education institution on the African continent. The University is a top-ranked state-funded university in South Africa for research productivity. Research activities span the natural, biomedical, humanities and social sciences. For more information please visit their website at https://ukzn.ac.za/

University of Sciences, Hue University

HUSC is a multidisciplinary education and training institution including graduate and undergraduate education programs, and research activities. Its obligation is to provide qualified human resources, scientific research products in the fields of natural science, social science and humanity for facilitating the development of Central Vietnam and Highlands in particular and Vietnam in general. For more information please visit their website at http://husc.edu.vn/en/viewpage.php?page_id=1

Carleton University

Canada’s Capital University, Carleton University is a dynamic research and teaching institution dedicated to achieving the highest standards of scholarship. Located in Ottawa, Canada, Carleton offers 65 programs of study in areas as diverse as public affairs, journalism, engineering, high technology, and international studies. For more information please visit their website at https://carleton.ca/

Western Sydney University

Located in the heart of one of Australia’s fastest-growing economic regions, and ranked amongst the top two percent of universities in the world, Western Sydney University is a globally focused and research-led institution committed to making a positive impact on the communities it engages with. For more information please visit their website at https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/