You Spoke; We Listened

Survey and focus group participants identified specific and unique challenges or inadequacies within their Ottawa neighbourhoods. While the BEYOND-Health team presented the results to stakeholders from Ottawa Public Health, the City of Ottawa, Health Canada, and more, scroll down to see some of the current City initiatives to minimize these neighbourhood shortcomings!


Cyclist and Motorist Interaction Education

Cyclists need to operate their bicycles on the road, but motorists must also respect a cyclist’s right to be on the road. Here are some City-approved tips that make everyone’s road experience safer and more enjoyable.

Grit Box Program

Across Ottawa and near steep hills or areas where there are many pedestrians, seniors and persons using mobility devices,  81 “do-it-yourself” grit boxes contain the same winter grit used by the City’s snow operations’ staff to keep sidewalks safe for everyone.

Neighbourhood Profiles

The Ottawa Neighbourhood Study provides data on strengths and challenges for each neighbourhood in Ottawa.

Planning a Neighbourhood Event

The Neighbourhood Connection Office Toolkit is a “do-it-yourself”, go-to resource that will help you plan something new in your neighbourhood. This site provides you with practical tips, hands-on tools, and creative ideas for small-scale projects.

Public Washrooms in the City

A City website that contains the location and some details for public washrooms in City of Ottawa facilities,  and includes location, hours of operation and level of accessibility.

Splash-Pad Locations

Where is the closest splash-pad? Click here to view locations and times of operations for City-wide splash-pads.

What’s in My Neighbourhood?

In My Neighbourhood is a web-based application that offers a quick way to locate schools, libraries, parks, recreation facilities, community services, events, land development applications and more throughout the city.

Winter Cycling Network

City-provided map indicating the cycling network and paths that are winter-maintained