$1,500 taxable cash award (to be divided among recipients if the award is granted to a group).

The Equity & Inclusion Excellence Award recognizes significant contributions by an individual or group of faculty, staff, and students towards equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization (EDID) in the Faculty of Public Affairs. In 2023, up to three awards may be granted; one award may be given each year thereafter.

2023 Equity & Inclusion Excellence Award Terms

2023 Equity & Inclusion Excellence Award Nomination Form


Adrian Harewood
School of Journalism and Communication

Joyce Wamambo & Avee Purohit
School of Public Policy and Administration

Relational Resurgence Committee
School of Social Work
Patricia McGuire
Beth Martin
Melissa Redmond
Taylor Aitken
Graeme Bouchard-Wood
Kiana Meness