About the Lab

How do people’s experiences in different areas of their lives and the goals they pursue affect their health and well-being? What are the mechanisms that underlie greater success in certain goals, and how can people improve their goal pursuit to accrue the psychological and physical benefits of attaining their goals? The research in our lab addresses these questions, examining the role of contextual and personality influences on the setting, pursuit, and accomplishment of personally important short and long-term goals, as well as the ramifications of goal pursuit on health and psychological well-being.

**Dr. Marina Milyavskaya, together with Dr. Rachel Burns and Dr. Michael Wohl, are hiring a joint postdoc!  See here for details.**


2022-2023 Lab members at a lab escape room activity (from left to right: Isabelle Leduc-Cummings; Chelsea Kisil; Tyler Thorne; Dr. Marina Milyavskaya; Sierra Micucci; Anamarie Gennara; Mally Harwood