Principal Investigator

Marina Milyavskaya smiles toward the camera Dr. Marina Milyavskaya

Dr. Milyavskaya is an associate professor of Psychology at Carleton University. She received her PhD from McGill University and completed a SSHRC-funded postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto before joining the faculty at Carleton University. Marina is fascinated by how people set and pursue goals in a multitude of domains throughout their daily lives. Her multi-method approach to studying self-regulation includes experimental, prospective, and experience-sampling studies, as well as a focus on idiosyncratic personal goals. She especially enjoys finding (and using) novel methodological and statistical ways to empirically examine questions related to goal pursuit, self-regulation, and well-being. View Marina’s CV

PhD Student

Isabelle Isabelle Leduc-Cummings (2015–Present)

Isabelle Leduc-Cummings is a PhD student in Counselling Psychology at McGill University. Her primary research focuses on motivation and the experience of obstacles during goal pursuit. View Isabelle’s full profile

MA Students

Anamarie Gennara(2021–Present)

Anamarie Gennara is a M.A. student in Psychology with a specialization in Data Science. She is currently completing a Mitacs research project with UpBeing Inc. and Dr. Milyavskaya focusing on the measurement and prediction of personal productivity.

Tyler Thorne (2022–Present)

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Honours students:

Mally Harwood

Chelsea Kisil

Sierra Micucci


Postdoctoral Fellow

Gail McMillan (2019–2021)

Current: Methodologist at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Gail McMillan completed a postdoctoral position studying self-regulation, goal pursuit, and health.

PhD Student

Kaitlyn M. Werner (2015–2019)

Current: Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Toronto

Kaitlyn M. Werner completed her PhD in Social, Personality, and Health Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Marina Milyavskaya. Broadly speaking, her research examines the antecedents and underlying mechanisms that facilitate successful goal pursuit. Continuing into her postdoctoral work, Kaitlyn also examines the motivational mechanisms of self-control, specifically focusing on how “want-to” and “have-to” motivation influence goal-related decisions in-the-moment (e.g., amount of conflict experienced, what strategies people use, etc.) View Kaitlyn’s full profile

MA Students

Jessica Cohen 2018-2020 Current: Technical Consultant and Researcher, Verity International
Aidan Smyth 2018–2020 Current: PhD Student in Clinical Psychology, McGill University
Kelly Wang  2017–2019 Current: Junior Researcher, Employment and Social Development Canada
Shelby Levine 2016–2018 Current: PhD Student in Clinical Psychology, McGill University
Leyla Bagheri 2015–2017 Current: Research Coordinator, Roots of Empathy

Undergraduate and Staff

Mehak Abdul Aziz (Honours, 2020-2021); Iuliia Gmiro (Honours, 2020-2021); Alicia Vos (Honours, 2020-2021); Marta Kolbuszewska (Independent study, Fall 2020); Kendra Carnrite (Honours, 2019–2020); Carter Richards (Honours, 2019–2020); Jasmin Yee (Honours, 2019–2020); Keara Williams (Honours, 2018–2019); Sophie Childs (Honours, 2018–2019); Brittany Wiwat (Honours, 2018–2019); Abby Levert (Independent Study, 2016–2017; Honours, 2017–2018), Meaghan Shaw (Independent Study, 2016–2017; Honours/iCureus, 2017–2018), Eric Kuhn (Honours, 2017–2018), Fiona Cooligan (Lab Coordinator, 2016–2017), Soufiane Bouhmouch (Honours, 2016–2017), Stephanie Harrison (Honours, 2016–2017), Jonathan Capaldi (Independent Study, 2016–2017; Honours 2016–2017), Rebecca Klimo (Honours, 2015–2016; FASS Undergraduate Research Internship, Summer 2016), Cassandra Lutz (Honours/iCureus, 2015–2016), Michael Telusma (Honours, 2015–2016).