The Health Psychology Lab students, Esther Briner, Kimia Fardfini, Geneviève Forget and Richard Ward all presented their work at the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) conference in Toronto!

Esther Briner presented 2 talks, including a 5-minute snapshot entitled “Impulsivity and the intention-behaviour gap: A qualitative study” from her doctoral dissertation.

Kimia Fardfini presented her 5-minute snapshot, “Cross-sectional associations between loneliness and mammogram screening”

Kimia Fardfini presenting her 5-minute snapshot at CPA 2023.

Geneviève Forget also presented a 5-minute snapshot from her Master’s thesis entitled “Do Green Space and Physical Activity Interact to Predict Complete Mental Health? Evidence from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging”.

Finally, Richard Ward presented a poster regarding his Master’s thesis, “The Prospective Associations Between Anger Expression Styles, Cynical Hostility, and Incident Diabetes”

Richard Ward presenting his poster at CPA 2023.

Great work, everyone!