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Name of the exhibit: Certificate of Identity Issued to Refugees

Submitted by: Emil Lander

Date of origin: June 30, 1948

Origin of the object: These certificates of identity were issued to my parents and me in the DP camp of Bindermichel, near Linz, Austria.

Description: After the Holocaust, my father and mother were settled in an American organized DP camp Bindermichel, near Linz, Austria where I was born on November 28, 1947. As a furrier, my father was accepted for immigration to Canada in 1948 under a special immigration project for fur workers. These certificates document our acceptance for immigration as furrier and dependents of furrier, as well as our arrival in Halifax on the ship General M B Stewart.

Voyage to Ottawa: These certificates are the immigration visas we used to come to Canada. They identify us as landed immigrants in Halifax on October 3, 1948, arriving on the transport ship General M B Stewart.