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Name of the exhibit: Records from the Ottawa Jewish Archives

Submitted by: The Ottawa Jewish Archives

Date of origin: 1940’s

Origin of the object: N/A

Description: Exhibit consists of textual records brought to Canada by Hans Reiche, Arie van Mansum, and Holocaust survivors Erwin and Edie Koranyi. It includes correspondence and identification cards.

Voyage to Ottawa: Arie Van Mansum was born in Holland in 1920, and participated in the Dutch Resistance Movement. He distributed an underground resistance newspaper and assisted in finding safe passage for Jewish refugees. He immigrated to Ottawa with his wife in 1958 and died in 1999.

Hans Reiche was born in Berlin in 1914. He was a Physics professor, and an associate of Albert Einstein, Otto Hahn, and Niels Bohr. In 1940, Reiche fled to Canada, but was detained in an immigration camp as an immigrant of German origin. In 1942, with the intervention of Albert Einstein to the Canadian government, he was released. Reiche died in 2000.

Erwin Koranyi was born in Budapest in 1924, and was one of the estimated 100,000 Jews rescued by the Swedish diplomat Raul Wallenberg. Wallenberg issued Koranyi a special passport, declaring its holder a protectorate of the Swedish government. With this passport, Raul avoided wearing the yellow star, and was able to move to Sweden. After the war, Koranyi came to Ottawa, where he married Edie Rosenbaum, a fellow Holocaust survivor who was also from Budapest. Erwin passed away in 2012.

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