Stamps and Coins Stamps and Coins

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Name of the exhibit: Stamps and Coins

Submitted by: Elliot

Date of origin: October 27, 1940 and October 6, 2018

Origin of the object:
Stamps: Eastern Europe (Nazi-occupied territory, and Poland)
Coins: Poland, Nazi Germany and Vichy (collaborationist) France

Stamps: I found these stamps in the basement of a relative. My late great-grandmother would talk about how she used to get letters from friends and family back in Poland and Russia. One day, the letters stopped coming.
Coins: One of the coins (the 2-Zloty) from Poland was given to me when my late uncle-in-law was telling me stories about people who he knew who perished during the Holocaust.

Voyage to Ottawa:
Stamps: Letters were sent to Ottawa in 1940.
Coins: Coins were from my great-uncle-in-law from Poland.