As I look back over my own academic career, I have had some truly outstanding teachers. When I
think about what determined this distinction, however, it was not only their level of expertise in their
chosen field. More importantly, it was this group of teachers’ ability to foster critical thinking, to
engage their students in new and challenging ways, to demonstrate how the course content might be relevant outside of the university walls, and to be approachable and fair with students, thereby creating a learning environment in which students wanted to be present. Consequently, these are the qualities I endeavour to make central in my own teaching.

Teaching Awards:

Carleton University New Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (2018)

Faculty of Science Teaching Excellence Award (2021)

Current courses taught:

HLTH5402: Biological and Social Fundamentals of Health

HLTH 5100: Fundamentals of Research Methods

HLTH 2003: Social Determinants of Health

Previous courses taught:

HLTH 5400: Interdisciplinary Problems in Health

PSYC 2002: Statistics for the Psychological Sciences