Photo of Courtney Vaughan

Courtney Vaughan


Courtney Vaughan is a Métis woman from Bawaating (Sault Ste. Marie). She is completing her thesis at the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, focusing on the reconciliatory and decolonial potential of private land return.

Through her research, work and volunteering, Vaughan has been able to connect with, and root closer to, people, the land and the waters across Turtle Island. It is this interconnectedness and rootedness that drives Vaughan’s passion for Indigenous rights, as well as land and water protection.

As her ancestors did before her, she is passionate about creating spaces of dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

“Through studying as an Indigenous student, as well as teaching in Indigenous Studies, I’ve noticed gaps in how we serve Indigenous students and settler students,” says Vaughan. “My goal in joining this committee is to ensure that each Indigenous student gets as much out of their education experience as possible.”