Photo of Kahente Horn-Miller

Kahente Horn-Miller

Assistant Vice-President (Indigenous Initiatives)

Degrees:M.A. (Concordia), Ph.D. (Concordia)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 4030
Office:1220 Dunton Tower

Kahente Horn-Miller is the Assistant Vice-President (Indigenous Initiatives) and an Associate Professor in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies. She received her doctorate in 2009.

The mother of four daughters, she is an active member of her community and a figurative bridge builder as she continues to research and write on issues that are relevant to her work and academic interests, such as Indigenous methodologies, Indigenous women, identity politics, colonization, Indigenous governance, and consensus-based decision making for her community and the wider society.

Her governance work and community-based research involves interpreting Haudenosaunee culture and bringing new life to old traditions. She continues to work with the research advisory for the Kahnawà:ke Diabetes Prevention Project, along with writing and publishing in her areas of interest.

It is the fruit of her endeavors as a Mohawk, an educator and a mother that she brings into her interactions with Kahnawà:ke:ronon (people of Kahnawà:ke) and the academic community.

Academics for her is not only about theorizing the issues that Indigenous peoples face as a way to find solutions; it is also about putting these theories into practice. It is through her teaching that she challenges her students to learn about her culture and about themselves as humans, which in the long term will foster relationships between Indigenous and non-native peoples that will go beyond the written word and the classroom and research settings.

“We have a lot of important knowledge to share,” she says.