Photo of Marie-Louise Peron

Marie-Louise Peron


Marie-Louise Perron was born on her grandfatherʼs land in Saskatchewan. She is a descendant of the Red River Métis and early French newcomers. She holds Education and Fine Arts degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, and a masterʼs degree in Ethnology from Laval University.

As an educator, visual artist, author, archivist and public servant at the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan, Library and Archives Canada. and the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Perron has maintained and promoted the traditions and cultures of Indigenous peoples.

In 2016, Perron was elected councillor to the Ottawa Region Métis Council.

“I am honoured to participate in the CUISIC initiative as part of Carleton’s response to the TRC’s Calls to Action working toward the creation of spaces for dialogue, relationship-building and positive long-term institutional change,” says Perron.