Professor Jurek Sasiadek received his Master’s and Ph.D. degree from University of Technology in Wroclaw. He has held academic appointments with several academic institutions in Canada as University of Alberta in Edmonton, Concordia University and McGill University in Montreal, as well as Carleton University in Ottawa.  For several years, he was a Technical Director at the Alberta Research Council, Department of Advanced Technologies in Calgary and Canadian Space Agency, Robotics and Automation Group in Ottawa. He has worked as a Consultant for many industrial companies like General Dynamics, Lockheed-Martin, Nortel and Bombardier.

Since 1982, he has been at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where he is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. His research interests includes: robotics, space robotics, guidance, navigation and control of mobile and flying robots, sensor and data fusion, adaptive control, aircraft and spacecraft control, flexible structure control, nonlinear control.
Professor J. Sasiadek is a Director of American Automatic Control Council (AACC) and member of AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Technical Committee (since 1989). He is also an Associate Editor and International Advisor of AIAA Journal of Guidance, Dynamics and Control. He was a Program Chair (1992) in Phoenix, Arizona and General Chair (2002) in Montreal, Quebec of AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference. He was also many times a member of ACC (American Control Conference) Program Committee.

Professor Jurek Sasiadek is currently serving as a member of IFAC Council since 2008 and he is a Past Chair of IFAC Robotics Technical Committee (2000-2006). Also, he is an Associate Editor of the IFAC CEP and he is a past Associate Editor of IFAC Automatica (1994-2004). He is also involved in IFAC Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles TC and Aerospace TC. In 1998 he organized as part of IFAC Canada and IFAC Aerospace TC activities a successful IFAC Workshop on Space Robotics (SPRO’98). This event took place at Canadian Space Agency in Montreal. He chaired an International Program Committee for IFAC SYROCO’03 in Wroclaw.

At the national level, he is a longtime member of IFAC Canada Board of Directors. Currently, he is the President of the IFAC Canada.

At the local level, Professor J. Sasiadek is a Chair of IEEE Joint Robotics and Control Systems Chapter in Ottawa.