Law and Legal Studies Youth and Justice Lab


Youth and Justice Lab is an independent organization that works with the Law and Legal Studies Department at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. One of the main goals of Youth and Justice Lab is to connect academic leaders and advocates for rights of the child from across the globe and to work directly with academic organizations and justice systems in the Middle East and North Africa. Furthermore, we are aiming to improve juvenile justice systems and frameworks under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).


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Youth and Justice Lab focuses on advocating and awareness-raising about children and youth challenged by justice systems in the Middle East and North Africa. In doing so, our activities include a wide range of academic, humanitarian, and social endeavors ranging from organizing and facilitating academic and journalistic discussions regarding juvenile justice, conducting research on justice systems and children’s rights, and consulting humanitarian organizations, NGOs, and INGOs regarding legal and social cases dealing with children. Below are a few of the activities we will be focusing on in the near future.


Our community includes legal experts, child psychologists, social workers, and many other child-oriented specialists who have years of experience working directly with children and for children to enhance their quality of life and promote their safety, security, and wellbeing. We have identified the impact of childhood trauma on the wellbeing and development of children and are focusing now to deliver this message to wider communities.

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Youth and Justice Lab is headed by Adjunct Research Professor Hossein Raeesi