Welcome to the Language and Brain Laboratory at Carleton!

Language is one of the unique characteristics of humans and is crucial for communication in our daily life. Research into the cognitive mechanisms and neurological foundations of how humans comprehend and process language helps advance our understanding of the human mind.

Researchers at the Language and Brain Laboratory engage in innovative and cutting edge research in the areas of language and the brain: Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics. The laboratory is currently focused on research in auditory sentence comprehension using Event Related Potentials (ERPs, a.k.a. brain waves) and eye-movement research in word and character processing.

In addition to contributing to our understanding of human cognition and brain functions, research from the laboratory will provide cognitive and neurological accounts of processing differences and similarities among languages. Furthermore, our research will have extensive practical applications to fields such as speech language pathology and audiology, and to teaching reading in the classroom.