The Language and Brain Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art facilities to carry out research in the mechanisms of human language processing.

Two EEG Systems

QuickAmp 72ch./24b high density acquisition polygraphic system (Brain Vision)

An EEG machine measures listeners’ on-going Electroencephalograms (EEG) (i.e., brain responses) during sentence comprehension.

Easy Caps with 64 channels


Eye Tracker

EyeLink 1000 (SR Research)

EyeLink 1000 records readers’ eye movements every millisecond while reading a text displayed on a computer monitor.


Audio Recording

Acoustic Chamber (Eckel)

In a large acoustic chamber researchers record and manipulate auditory stimuli and conduct experiments on speech production and comprehension.

An EEG system and an eye-tracker are positioned in a sound attenuated room in order to suppress noise from outside during an experimental session.


Data Processing

The laboratory has computing facilities (PC) and software to process and analyze data.