The famous renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci was born in Anchiano, near Vinci, Italy, in 1452 and died in France on May 2, 1519 at the end of a brief 3 year stay.

The coming year will therefore mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, a year expected to see many events worldwide honouring him through his work.

In this spirit, Carleton University has struck a committee, Leonardo 2019, with a view to schedule its own series of events honouring the life and work of Leonardo. The committee has proposed monthly talks on the broad theme of Leonardo’s work, his life, thoughts, and impact into the modern era.

We invite the Carleton faculty and community to submit proposals for talks and hands on/ experiential learning initiatives to be scheduled during this special year. We can entertain as many talks as are possible by Carleton faculty and scholars and are hoping that we can schedule at least one weekly talk during 2019 starting some time in February.

For further information please contact Angelo Mingarelli (Chair, Leonardo 2019) at