Event Calendar

March – L’Inizio (The Beginning)

Not to be missed in March: This month, a Leonardo da Vinci-inspired sculptural installation called Diluvio, showcasing the work of Prof. Manuel Báez of the Azrieli School of Architecture and his students, will be featured in the MacOdrum Library. On March 22, Prof. Báez and his students will hold a free public presentation and reception in the library to share the underlying ideas behind the installation. Chair of Leonardo 2019, Prof. Angelo Mingarelli, will deliver introductory remarks and provide all in attendance with an overview of upcoming CINQUECENTO activities taking place at Carleton University.

April – Festa (Party)

April is an exciting month for CINQUECENTO festivities at Carleton. On April 10, Ugo Piomelli of Queen’s University will present the 2019 Adjeleian Lecture, hosted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Less than a week later, on April 15, CINQUECENTO is officially launched by Carleton University with a celebration of da Vinci’s birthday and Italian Research Day in the World at Dominion Chalmers United Church. The celebration will include a fascinating lecture on da Vinci’s life by Prof. Angelo Mingarelli and a reception with light refreshments. You won’t want to miss it! Also this month, the Diluvio installation continues in the MacOdrum Library.

May – Imparare (Learn) 

In May, Carleton University president Benoit Antoine Bacon will present a lecture on the topic of Leonardo da Vinci. Stay tuned for more details!

June – Cultura (Culture) 

If you’re living in or visiting Ottawa in June, the Italian Week Festival is your chance to experience what it’s like to be Italian! This amazing 10-day festival featuring Italian art, culture and history offers something for everyone. More exciting details soon to come on how CINQUECENTO and Carleton University will be getting involved in the festivities!

July – Vacanza (Vacation)

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.

August – Rilassarsi (Relax)

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.

September – Bentornato (Welcome Back)

September marks the time of year when Carleton University welcomes new and returning students to campus! We will have many exciting CINQUECENTO events planned this month to keep students from all disciplines and the community engaged in learning about Leonardo da Vinci’s life and its impact on our present day. Not to be missed in September: Art History Prof. Randi Klebanoff will deliver a seminar, and plans are coming together for Carleton to host a lecture by Leonardo expert and famous writer Ross King on Sept. 10 – stay tuned for more details! Also this month, keep an eye out for Francois Pelletier, an incredibly talented artist who will be on campus to recreate one of da Vinci’s famous works of art.

October – Scoprire (Discover)

November – Esperto (Expert)

This month, Carleton’s Faculty of Science has the honour of hosting Leonardo expert from Oxford University, Dr. Martin Kemp, who will present the 2019 Herzberg Lecture. This event promises to be a highlight of the year!

December – Finale (End) 

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.