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The Divine Nature of Leonardo: Presentation by Art History Professor Randi Klebanoff

September 18, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Location:100 St. Patrick's Building
Key Contact:Jessie Cartwright
Contact Phone:613-520-2600 ext. 8760


A Harvard PhD, Randi Klebanoff is currently engaged in research on the representation of the immaterial in Renaissance naturalism. She is particularly involved with the intersection of premodern theology, theories of vision and representation. Other research interests include the representation of Jews in the Renaissance and Reformation, Renaissance sculpture, in particular Niccolò dell’Arca and Michelangelo. the imagery of women in Renaissance art and the Renaissance city in its many dynamics. Dr. Klebanoff also regularly teaches History and Methods of art history and is cross-appointed to the College of the Humanities.


The Divine Nature of Leonardo


While we have been enthusiastic about claiming Leonardo as our own – a modern secular scientist and new kind of artistic genius – I propose to look at Leonardo within the context of the theocentric understanding of the cosmos that was his contemporary context.  I will look at how his highly original depictions of the divine related to fifteenth-century artistic efforts in imaging God¹s paradoxical immanence and transcendence in the world and to theological ideas of nature, cognition, and the divine.

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